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Advantages of a Cable-Drilled Well
Cable tool drilling can be done in all types of formations, and usually
       will provide an ample supply of water.
Cable drilling rigs are relatively compact requiring less accessory
       equipment and are easier to move making this method ideal for
       drilling in remote, small properties or rugged areas.

How Is a Cable Well Drilled?
Cable tool drills work slowly but can be used for both hard and soft formations. The average drilling rate is 20 to 40 feet per day. In the percussion method, cable tool drilling is accomplished by alternately lifting and dropping a heavy bit and drill system.This drill bar weight is around 1200 pounds. The impact of the bit breaks up rock and loosens the material in the hole.

How Deep Will My Well Be?
Other wells in your area will provide a good estimate of what you will need. But the actual depth cannot be guaranteed in advance.  Each individual well is unique in depth and water quality.

What Kind of Pump Will I Need?
We use only Goulds Pumps–the best pumps in the business! Each new Goulds pump comes with a 5-year warranty. The type and capacity of your pump will be correctly matched to the depth and capacity of well.

How Do We Determine the Cost of Your Well?
Drilling–per foot
Casing–per foot
Cost of other materials, drive shoe, cap, screen, etc.
Any cement grouting
Test Pumping